Dottie Lamm

Dottie Lamm, former first lady of Colorado and 1998 Colorado Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, is a social worker and long time feminist activist.  Having always fought for women’s equality, reproductive rights, and the interests of girls, she has recently included boys on her advocacy list.

“Research for my 2007 book, ‘Daddy on Board; Parenting Roles for the 21st Century‘ and for my Denver Post Column, combined with the birth of three grandsons in three years, shocked me into realizing that males might be the new endangered species!”  she recently said.

Lamm, now 75, inspired some and shocked others when she wrote her 2010 article titled “What is the new cause for an aging Feminist? Boys!”  Lamm and husband,University of Denver professor and former Colorado Governor, Dick Lamm, live in Denver,  continue to hike and bike Colorado’s trails and take care of their three grandsons, and new infant granddaughter, whenever they can.

2 Responses to Dottie Lamm

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  2. I’ve ordered “Daddy on Board,” Dottie, & enjoyed this morning’s teleconference with you, Warren, & others. Thanks for your passion for boys & fathers, mine too. Sheila Peltzer – grandmother, retired teacher, & president of KN2P (KidsNeed2Parents), a NC volunteer group working for custody reform to “presumed shared parenting,” absent proven abuse or neglect.

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