About This Blog

Welcome to attention must be paid: caring about boys and young men, The Boys Initiative’s new blog.  It is dedicated to news, commentary and advice on issues related to boys and young men.  We invite articles and commentary, and comment on the material we post.  We are delighted that Mark Sherman will be serving as the editor of our blog. You can reach Mark by email here or at msherman@theboysinitiative.org.

The Boys Initiative was founded in 2010 by a group of researchers, community leaders, parents, teachers and other individuals who are concerned about underachievement among today’s boys and young men and who believe passionately that a national effort is needed to address it.  The organization’s principal role is to serve as a hub for information exchange and action among the broad range of organizations whose work touches on boys and young men.  The Initiative focuses on programs related to the advancement of boys’ health, educational attainment and preparation for adulthood as well as those related to the prevention of criminal behavior, incarceration, abuse and other risk factors.

We are pleased to have Mark as our editor.  He has taught, thought, researched and written about gender issues for more than 30 years.  read on….

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